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Standart My Daddy...

My Daddy...I was tired after the gym visit and daddy left me to rest. Chances were he'd be off to the local pub to chat up the barmaid. No problem, most of the regulars did. I lay back on my bed, thinking over what he'd said. He'd seen my tits, my waist and my knickers and he said I'd a great figure, and he'd said I was sexy. I closed my eyes and tried to think back ... he'd looked once, twice, and for a third time just before he'd shut my bedroom door. He had looked a bit flustered, as if I'd turned him on. I loosened the cord of the tracksuit bottoms I was still wearing and let my mind wander. Within a few minutes relief flooded through me and I slept, happy. I woke around an hour later, my whole body starting to ache. My arm muscles hurt, my legs hurt, my shoulders and back hurt and I found it difficult to sit up and swing myself off the bed. God I ached and I could hardly sit to take a piss, let alone stand up again. "You must have overdone it at the gym," said mum, always capable of stating the bloody obvious. "There's some painkillers in the cupboard." So much for sympathy. I went out for a walk, along my regular path beside a field full of wheat or was it rye, or barley? Daddy had told me the differences several times but I could never remember. I was thinking of him again without realising it. He and mum weren't doing too well at the moment. He spent more and more time at the pub to get away from an argument about this or that, usually something very trivial. I knew that their relationship was unsteady and just a week or two ago, after a few pints of beer, he'd confided that they didn't make love very often. He'd had tears in his eyes. The walk got fresh air into my lungs and loosened my leg muscles, though my shoulders and arms still ached despite the painkillers. I'd had a lot of time to think and I decided I was giving daddy too rough a deal. He was home when I arrived back though mum was giving him earache about his visit to see 'that bitch of a barmaid'. I must admit though that I spent much of the rest of the day watching boring Sunday telly. The evening passed and by 10pm I was in my room, ready for bed. I took 2 more Brufen but they did little to help and I lay awake for ages before I finally got to sleep. I woke around 2am, aching more than ever and unable to get back to sleep. The day and evening had been quite warm and I'd skipped wearing my PJs and knickers in bed. Sleeping naked felt good in hot weather but I only did that youwin when I was far too hot, often putting my PJs on if I awoke later, much cooler. Reluctantly, still tired and aching I put on my towelling robe and I went downstairs, filled the kettle and popped 2 more Brufen while it boiled. Cup of tea made, I sat at the table and opened my laptop. I logged in to the gym website to see if they advised on how to ease joint and muscle pain but all they said was to consult my GP if it didn't ease with time. It was then I noticed the photo gallery of the facilities and staff, including one of the fit guy who'd shown me the equipment. There were more photos of the other trainers. I let my robe come open and started to circle my hand around my left breast, gently touching the sides, brushing across and catching my nipple. It was something I'd done many times. Reaching down I searched for the spot I'd rubbed earlier, closed my eyes and ... damn, daddy came into my thoughts again. I could picture him, taking a shower although I'd only witnessed this a couple of times when I'd been bursting to pee. So absorbed was I in pleasuring myself I didn't hear the lounge door open, nor daddy walking in until he spoke. "I wondered who was moving around down here," he said, taking me completely by surprise. I rapidly closed my robe. "Oh, daddy" I said, "You startled me. He looked at laptop screen. "Is that where you were this morning?" he said, completely forgetting it was now Monday. "Yes," I answered, completely flustered. Had he seen where my fingers had been? "You fancy the personal trainers?" "Something like that," I said, still embarrassed. "No boyfriend at the moment?" "We split." "It must be frustrating, a bit like me." "Daddy! That's personal." He put his hand on my shoulder, I flinched. "Sorry, sore?" "I guess I got carried away at the gym." "It might be personal and I don't want to embarrass you, but it is frustrating isn't it?" I smiled and nodded. Daddy smiled back. "So why are you down here?" "You just answered that, touching my shoulder. It hurts bad; shoulders, neck, arms, legs. I can't sleep. I've just had 2 more Brufen but it still hurts. Anyhow, why are you awake?" "Oh, your mother is still in a mood, moaning about my drinking and the barmaid." Daddy sounded quite peeved. "I'm frustrated too." He thought a moment, "I was going to offer a massage, but I can see you're not dressed." I realised my robe was showing quite a bit of cleavage. youwin güvenilir mi I pulled the lapels together, then I thought. My pain overrode any embarrassment, and daddy had already seen a lot only hours before. I let go of the lapels. "It's OK," I conceded, "It hurts too much to refuse." "There's some gel in the medicine cabinet," he said, "If you want I can rub some gently into your skin." "OK," I answered, "That will be nice." The gel was something stronger than the pills I'd taken. As daddy gently soothed it in, his magic fingers felt good. I let the robe fall off my shoulders and pulled my arms free of the sleeves. Now I was topless. Dad audibly drew in his breath, "Wow ..." then immediately apologised, "Sorry sweetheart. I don't want to embarrass you again but ..." "But I remind you of the barmaid?" I said, with a wry smile. He laughed. "I don't get to look so close, but she's rather top heavy. Your ... erm ... breasts are ... fantastic." My mood lightened. Daddy's hands were working miracles on my arm muscles and I didn't want him to stop. "So you're an expert?" I laughed. He moved round, stepped away, "I don't need to be an expert. Your ... erm ... breasts are big enough to be pleasing to any male eyes, but not too big." "My tits," I emphasised the word I knew I heard him say many times. "My tits are OK?" I cupped them, and held the pose more than one of my boyfriends had appreciated. "Your tits are fantastic." Moving behind me again, daddy continued his fingertip magic. The job done, he put the cap back on the tube. "Daddy," I said, "All my leg muscles hurt too. Could you please massage them as well?" Hell, I was getting horny. I WANTED more touches from his all so gentle, very relaxing, magic fingers. "As long as you're sure." Daddy seemed nervous. "I'm sure. They hurt a lot." He moved round, unscrewing the cap as he did so. I opened my robe, fully revealing all I had. "Oh my god," he exclaimed, "You've no knickers on." I'd temporarily forgotten that. "Yes, I know, it's OK." I lied again but it was now irrelevant. Again the pain overrode the embarrassment, but daddy had a most odd look on his face, tears welled in his eyes. "I'm sorry," he explained, searching for the words to use, "It's so long since I last saw your mother's ..." "Pussy?" I offered. "Pussy, yes. It's been so frustrating." I empathised with him. I'd heard girls mention so many times their frustration, usually admitted after a few youwin giriş drinks or at sleepovers. 'Frustration' was often temporarily relieved but the fingers cure was no alternative to the real thing. He squeezed the gel on to his fingers, expertly massaging into my calf muscles. Such was the magic of his fingers, the effect was both soothing and erotic. My arousal was building. "Higher?" he asked, always the gentleman and always thinking of my feelings. "Yes please," I said without hesitation. This was GOOD. Parting my legs to allowing him access meant he could see the most private part of me, a secret place I knew well but very few others had seen. It would have been impossible for him not to take a good view. "You're so neat and tidy," he said, a guarded way of saying I'd shaved my pussy, "Unlike mum." He squeezed more gel, but now it was much more the massaging of my thigh muscles. "Wait," he said, and went to fetch a bottle of baby oil. "You don't have to be a baby," he quipped, "It's excellent for massage and moisturising." As he gradually worked up my inner thigh my eyes closed. Noises escaped my lips that were unplanned, noises of contentment, of pleasure, of erotic delight. "Am I OK?" daddy asked, "Further?" "Daddy, this is absolute bliss. Yes, yes, yes." "I know," daddy chuckled. "Your vagina is telling me so." And it was, copious pleasure moisture was seeping through. "Can I kiss? Can I taste?" 'Why the hell not,' I thought. 'I've gone this far and daddy has only given me pleasure, not pressuring me like boyfriends did. "Yes daddy. You don't need permission any more." My inner voice was telling me all would be perfect. "You smell fantastic," he said, tickling my sensitive lips with his nose. Then I felt his tongue and all thoughts of the outside world ceased. I could feel pleasure nerves deep inside me giving me goosebumps, giving me tiny electric shots moving from my brain to my clit then back again. "Do you want to come to my room?" I asked. Daddy never answered but simply took my hand and we walked quietly upstairs. I owed daddy for the years he'd helped me, nurtured me, inspired me and loved me. I didn't know how how much he hurt inside from mum's refusal to allow him the sex he needed and I was happy to be able to quench that need. "Are you sure," he whispered, listening out for any noise. The light snoring from their room assured him that mum was asleep. "I'm very sure," I said, and I allowed him inside me. Dad is big; and by that I mean he's way bigger than any of my boyfriends have been, either then or now. I thought he was going to hurt me, even split me inside, but he was very gentle. In attempts to not make any noise lest we awoke mum or Giles, daddy moved very slowly inside me.
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